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Nutrition- top workouts- fatloss- recovery advice: Foods not to eat... SO DON'T SKIP MEALS!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Foods not to eat... SO DON'T SKIP MEALS!


People need to eat every 3 hours to not  give into to this CRAP!!

Crappy foods to avoid when people are out and about..YIKES!

Here is a picture from the snack shop of the park I visit daily 2 blocks from my house!!

It's interesting to see all colors, ages and economic backgrounds, you get a true understanding of who does what and how in one place!!

The snack shop only sales CRAPPY DE-NATURED FOODS as you can see in the picture: chips, sugar gum, cookies butter pop corn... & and trust me when people don't eat every 3 hours YA'LL or most people give into their low blood sugar and purchase this JUNK!
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1 comment:

  1. Are there any quick snacks that you would consider healthy? Like special k protein shakes or bars?