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Nutrition- top workouts- fatloss- recovery advice: STAY YOUNGER LOOKING....AND LIVE LONGER!

Saturday, October 23, 2010



Check out one of the major ways to slow down the aging process!!!

What is it? Calorie restricted diets.....

The graph above looks complicated but its not at all! It shows that when they eat half as much food they live about an extra half a lifespan! If this is true in humans then that would mean if we ate less the average life span would go from 78 to 113 years old!

 If you want to live longer you must not of  over eat! Over eating leads to many diseases and also feeds the quiet cancer cells we all have, even though foods provide us nutrients our American diets still contain too much sugar, bad fats as well as plastic additives with free radicals..

Our bodies cells unfortunately love to live off sugar as well as other bad foods, when someone who has cancer, digestive issues, diabetes etc... and eat lots of sugar the cancer cells as well as other cells will most definatly be in an environment to grow all kinds of disease which kill you quickly!

As I have mentioned before, your body is either in the build up phase (anabolic) of trying to stay balanced and young  OR it is in the break down phase (catabolic) of falling apart and AGING!!!

YOU AGE FROM THE INSIDE OUT... most people can't see the inside break down but some of the outside aging,  tale tale signs are: your skins collagen begins to brake down, wrinkle and sag, the blood vessels under your skin begin to bulge, you tend to develop rashes, wounds that don't heal quickly, you can lose your hair, male or female, your teeth begin to rot and on and on...


 Don't over eat, people who eat small healthy meals through out the day tend to live longer then those who eat one or two time per day of the typical multi cultural American diet..

Monitor your sugar, saturated fats, chemical additives because they completely break down your body premature and kick start the old man or women aging process...

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