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Nutrition- top workouts- fatloss- recovery advice: STAY UP LATE: can make you fat!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

STAY UP LATE: can make you fat!!!


Light stimulates the brain and hormonal system as it enters the body through the eyes and skin activating the body for movement. Your body naturally releases cortisol in response to light, which then signals the body to prepare for work or whatever you need to do in your day.

If we follow our “natural” sleep/wake cycle, we rise with the sun and begin to wind down as the sun sets. This means we are awake between 6 and 7 AM and asleep by around 10:00 to 10:30 PM. It is extremely important to understand why we need sleep during this cycle and not on a man made schedule. Our body physically repairs between the hours of 10 PM and 2 AM. After 2 AM, our psychogenic (mental) repair begins and continues until we are awake.

If we disrupt this natural circadian rhythm, our coritsol levels are elevated above normal during times we should be at rest. Being that most of us have enough additional stress in our lives, the additional stress caused by inappropriate sleep is just another factor that leads to illness or dis-ease. Our bodies can only absorb so much stress before we our health suffers. Following a natural sleep/wake pattern allows our bodies to recover and heal and is essential to good health.
SO it is often hard to break the bad habit of staying up too late. In my own life,  when people stay up late and go to sleep at around 2 AM every night thinking the circle is “normal”  YIKES... THEY HAVE no idea they are putting their bodies under incredible stress.. even if they think they feel fine... Staying up too late (until midnight or after) for even a few weeks in a row can set your internal clock to produce extra cortisol at midnight when you should already be asleep. Often we refer to this as “getting our second wind”.  If you are sluggish often in the early evening but get a second wind later at night, you can be sure that your adrenals are being highly taxed and producing cortisol when they should be resting.

One of the biggest problems from stay up too late  is adrenal failure. Adequate sleep is necessary for adrenal repair and strong healthy adrenals are essential to burning fat and staying young looking inside and out.. You cannot have strong adrenals if you are not sleeping normal hours that match our-given circadian rhythm.


Your body goes into over drive to stay awake... this makes you adrenals "hormones go WACKY.. too much cortisol will make you body store fat and break down your cells..

If you think you are naturally a night owl.. you in denial!!!

You are staying awake because of the coffee, sugar and plenty of tav, noise and lights!

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  1. Love this post. I got used to very late nights and super early mornings during college but now its finally catching up to me. This post was definitely helpful.